LIGMAN Evolve Pty Ltd Announce Distribution Agreement with Connected Cities Integrators, Inc

Aug 25, 2020 | News

5G Pole Solutions – LIGMAN Evolve Pty Ltd Announce Distribution Agreement with Connected Cities Integrators, Inc

LIGMAN Evolve Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Connected Cities Integrators, Inc for the Western Hemisphere (Canada, North America, Caribbean, Central and South America) for its 5G pole solutions.

The Distribution Agreement is for the sale and marketing of LIGMAN Evolve’s world class leading EVOLUTION product range, that provides its clients with a series of scalable communication enclosure platforms suitable for a combination of Mini-macro, Macro and Small Cell equipment, covering 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi technologies.

This opportunity will provide Connected Cities Integrators, Inc customers in the Western Hemisphere with a fit for purpose platform for the delivery of 5G into towns and cities. The shift from office-based working to Working from Home which has been accelerated by COVID-19 is probably not unexpected as citizens realise they can carry out the same task, without the need for a daily commute. In a post-COVID-19 world, citizens will expect to be allowed to continue working in this way. The challenge to enable this to happen is the speed and quality of the data connections to which individuals working at home have access. Many people do not have a landline or broadband contract and rely upon their cell phone to provide them with data.

Municipalities and Utilities will have the opportunity to replace existing infrastructure with LIGMAN Evolve – Evolution solutions and generate revenues through leasing the space on the poles to the telecom’s operators.

“We are very pleased to be working with LIGMAN Evolve at this exciting time in the deployment of 5G into our communities” said Adam Corwin, CEO, Connected Cities Integrators, Inc
“We are pleased to be working with Connected Cities Integrators, Inc a market leader in developing smart resilient, economically sound data, technology and infrastructure solutions. Together we will be able to offer solutions which will benefit citizens across the Western Hemisphere.” said Sakchai Manawongsakul, LIGMAN President and Group CEO.

About LIGMAN Evolve Pty Ltd

LIGMAN Evolve, part of the LIGMAN group was formed specifically to address the growing need for fit for purpose infrastructure to allow the easy deployment of 4G and 5G Macro, Mini Macro and Small Cell into towns, cities and rural areas.

About Connected Cities Integrators, Inc

Connected Cities Integrators, Inc (CCI), was established by Adam Corwin and Jack Hanley to address the growing need of Municipalities and Utilities for expertise in implementing large-scale infrastructure improvements that deliver proven savings. CCI’s team of industry experts have decades of experience working with municipalities, utilities, and campuses. As a result, they realize that billions of dollars in measured energy and operational efficiency are drivers behind successful and economically sustainable connected city programs. For more information visit