Frankfurt – Germany

sie 1, 2021

The city of Frankfurt is the latest deployment of a LIGMAN Evolve pole.

Deploying a macro site in an urban environment has traditionally been carried out using rooftop installations.

The LIGMAN Evolve solution provides opportunities for this to be carried out from street level using our poles.

The benefit to a mobile network operator from this approach is to gain access to multiple sites from discussion with a single landlord (city, council or utility), rather than multiple discussions with multiple landlords (building owners).

LIGMAN Evolve’s local distributor brought together and worked in collaboration with the mobile network operator (Telefonica Deutschland / O2) and utility asset owner (Mainova AG), to deliver the solution for a multi band macro site.

The 11 metre pole with double podium was installed to replace an existing street lighting pole and provide the perfect location for the installation of 3 x 5G (3.6GHz) Active Antenna Units (AAU’s) along with 1800 and 2600MHz 4G Remote Radio Heads (RRH) and a three sector Alpha Wireless cannister antenna mounted on a fully adjustable rotatable mount to ensure precision aiming of the sectors.

Facts and figures

Pole height 11 metres to underside of cannister antenna

Double Podium with thermal management

2 x Macro radios

  • 1800MHz
  • 2600MHz
  • 3 sectors
    • 2 x sector @ 40W
    • 1 x sector @ 20W
  • Delivered through the fully rotatable Alpha Wireless multi band  3 sector cannister antenna


3 x Active Antenna Units mounted at 10 metres on the pole

  • 3.6GHz
  • 3 sectors
    • 2 x sector @ 40W
    • 1 x sector @ 20W
If you would like to learn more about this innovative approach which can deliver macro sites at street level, please get in touch. Contact us

Photo Credits – Abel Mobilfunk