LIGMAN Evolve Team

Sakchai Manawongsakul

CEO and Group President

Sakchai founded LIGMAN in 1995 born out of a passion for lighting and lighting design, building a small factory designing and manufacturing exterior luminaires. He has quickly grown LIGMAN to be a global brand recognised for producing high quality exterior and interior LED luminaires, lighting and IoT technology, systems and solutions.. Now with 4 large Factories located in Europe, US and Thailand, 20 international Sales offices and 200 Representatives and still growing fast. LIGMAN is well established to provide high quality technology solutions and local support to customers world wide.

Trevor Leighton

Managing Director
(Dubai based)

Having worked for 25 years in the lighting industry, the last decade has mainly involved “beyond lighting” product development and technical support most recently in Australia, ME and Asia. Having more than 8 years experience in smart pole applications, the transition into 4G/5G small cell was a product of the last 3 years working with industry experts like Clinton. Trevor is focused on building an incredible team of professionals to deliver world class solutions.

Clinton Willemse

Technical Director
(Sydney based)

Clinton has worked in the Telecommunications industry for 20 years, first in Siemens Communications and then in Nokia Networks specialising in infrastructure design, development and deployment of RAN and CORE. He has spent the last 5 years designing and deploying small cell and macro radio solutions for smart poles and street lighting poles, including working with  site acquisition planners, radio coverage planners, surveying suitable locations and meeting with town council members understanding their requirements. His understanding of the end to end infrastructure requirements around 3G, 4G and 5G have helped Ligman Evolve create a world class Smart Pole system.

Keith Henry

Sales Director
(Sydney based)

Keith has worked in the lighting industry for over thirty years. During this time he has worked for local government, consultants, contractors and manufacturers. The change in the way technology is used by utilities and local governments and the need for better distribution of data has changed significantly in that time. For him, it is a very exciting time to be joining LIGMAN Evolve as the demand for data using 4G and 5G technologies in the urban and suburban landscape expands. The products LIGMAN Evolve have developed are class leading and will be providing our customers with a great opportunity to deliver high quality data locally as well as providing a revenue stream.

Rungaroon Waewnokyung

Head of R&D
(Thailand based)

Rungeroon has worked on Product Design within LIGMAN now for 20 years and highly specialised in exterior luminaire design and lighting technologies, production and manufacturing. He also acts as Technical Support for production to the whole group, leading a team of 20 staff within LIGMAN’s inhouse Product Design Division and he works closely with all the other teams and processes within the LIGMAN Factories for the tooling and manufacturing of new ranges.

Daniel Brand

Business Development – Western Europe
(Germany Based)

Daniel has been involved in the deployment of smart city infrastructure since 2006. He co-designed one of the first RF mesh-based streetlighting control systems. His vision is to deliver smart city IoT applications which are fast and reliable and deliver 100% coverage. For him to achieve this the solution needs to deliver a solution which meets the needs of the city, the telco and the utility companies and they can all be located within the same infrastructure. He is very excited to be working with LIGMAN Evolve and developing the solution which delivers a future-proofed platform.